Energy Marketplace

We digitize the processes of buying and selling electric energy by tokenizing the information to energize the market

Information Symmetry

In our Energy Marketplace, we are empowering consumers and generators to encourage sustainable decisions in a rapidly changing energy market. Join and take control of your energy today!
Busca, publica, conecta… ¡Tú decides!

Power Generators

Anticipate and differentiate your generation in the market. Publish offers, prospect for new opportunities and sell your energy production directly to your customers. Give more transparency and confidence to your offers by certifying generation in real time, guaranteeing traceability from its origin with relevant parameters such as location, timing, primary source and amount of energy produced.


Now you choose your energy. Explore the available offers and select the provider that best suits your preferences. You can also publish your consumption needs in auctions so that generators can find you and offer energy at the best price. In a constantly evolving market, we give you complete control of your energy supply and connect you with generators that share your values.

Energy traders

The commercialization of digital energy assets will play a fundamental role in bringing new players to the market. Energy systems require dynamism in the purchase and sale of energy, as well as the ability to make profitable new technologies such as energy storage, green hydrogen and the purchase/sale of renewable energies to improve prices, among other opportunities.

Futuro Sostenible

El futuro energético lo construimos hoy. Nuestra plataforma impulsa la adopción de energías renovables y tecnologías de almacenamiento, incorporando las preferencias de consumidores y la participación de nuevos agentes generadores en el centro del nuevo modelo energético. Con un enfoque claro en la descarbonización, descentralización y digitalización del sector eléctrico, impulsamos la relación bidireccional entre generadores y consumidores. Únete y sé parte del cambio hacia un mundo más limpio y sostenible.

Secure transfers

Your operations are reliable, fast and without intermediaries. In the new energy model, digital security and transparency are fundamental. We have blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity of energy flows, from origin to destination. Physical variables are measured on site and verified by GTIME Blockchain. Then, when an energy transaction is made on the Marketplace, an NFT is created on a global public blockchain, which allows ownership of the energy and its attribute to be assigned to the buyer. Finally, a certificate stored in IPFS is issued that facilitates energy traceability and validates the transfer in a decentralized manner at an international level, in a secure and immutable manner.

Add value to your products and services with blockchain

Describe your products or services to us to help you incorporate information into a digital certificate that allows you to add value and increase the interest of your customers throughout your value chain.

GTIME® Blockchain

We work to make information transparent and make products and services truly sustainable.