Traceability of energy products and services

We digitize energy assets and their operation to make information transparent quickly, safely and without intermediaries.



We measure, record and guarantee the origin of energy with blockchain, from the source of generation to final consumption.



We developed the first platform in the world that enables the secure and dynamic transaction of energy offers with the use of NFTs.



We certify energy products and equipment through NFTs to make their manufacturing, life cycle and final disposal transparent.

Welcome to the future

In the digital age, blockchain is trust.

How does it work


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We will analyze your requirement and send you a detailed proposal of our products and services.

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We will create a user account and you will be able to access the platform to buy and sell the energy products and services you want.

Certified information worldwide

Once a certificate is generated with blockchain technology, all the information is backed by a robust data network that allows certificates issued from anywhere to be validated through verification on the Ethereum and/or Polygon network.

Energy Marketplace


We have developed an electricity marketplace based on blockchain and NFT that allows direct transactions between generators and consumers. This new way of selling energy makes it possible to solve the problem of outdated short-term systems, improving the response of generation and demand, encouraging renewable energy and storage, and encouraging the participation of all agents in the sector.

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GTIME® Blockchain

We work to make information transparent and make products and services truly sustainable.