About Us

We are a company that has more than 10 years of experience in the development of platforms and products in the energy sector.

Applied and mature technology

Since 2016 we have worked with companies that generate, transmit and consume electricity in pilot projects. From this, we have understood the needs and technological barriers of the sector, which allows us to offer customized solutions and with the scalability that is required.

We are pioneers in implementing energy traceability solutions in Chile, anticipating imitations.


GTIME® Blockchain for energy traceability between generators and consumers without intermediaries.


phiNergy® gateway for reading meters and sending information to the blockchain platform.


Certificates of traceability of energy assets and their operation through NFT.


They have trusted us

GTIME® Blockchain

Our mission is to make information transparent to accelerate the decarbonization of energy

Through the transparency of information we can avoid the Greenwashing of energy companies and institutions in order to avoid the sale of a green image when it is not..

Add value to your products and services with blockchain

Describe your products or services to us to help you incorporate information into a digital certificate that allows you to add value and increase the interest of your customers throughout your value chain.

GTIME® Blockchain

We work to make information transparent and make products and services truly sustainable.